Making Sense of Morality: Where Do We Go from Here?

various ethics terms
Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay

Summary of the Survey

We have surveyed major ethical options for what our core morals are, including:

What Are These Core Morals?

For one, they seem to be objectively real. They seem to exist independently of us as moral principles and values. They also simply seem to be intrinsically valid, and not due to anything else (like, the consequences). That is, they seem to have an essential moral nature. Moreover, they cannot be just physical things or particulars, as we’ve seen. Instead, they seem to be a “one-in-many” — each one is one principle (or value), yet it can have many instances/examples. In sum, they seem to be Platonic-like universals.

For Further Reading

R. Scott Smith, In Search of Moral Knowledge, ch. 12

Professor of ethics, philosophy of religion @ Biola's MA Christian Apologetics. Interests: ethics, knowledge, nominalism, & how Christians have been naturalized